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In many European Union countries, S-Video is less common because of the dominance of SCART, which allows RGB quality and is usually fitted to every TV. It is not usual to find S-Video outputs on equipment such as DVD players, although the player may output S-Video over SCART, but the TV may not be compatible with S-Video wired this way, and so would just show a monochrome image.[9] In this case it is sometimes possible to modify the SCART adapter cable to make it work. Games consoles usually do not output S-Video, due to the dominance of SCART with its better RGB quality. However, in the US and other non-SCART countries, S-Video is provided but no RGB. The Nintendo 64 was an exception - NTSC models could output S-Video, but only with modification could they output RGB. PAL Nintendo 64 models could output S-Video but not RGB despite, that being the easiest way to connect if done via SCART. There is, however, a German company that is able to modify PAL N64's to output true RGB [10] although this service is rather expensive compared to the way you can make an NTSC model output RGB.

These are used on graphics systems that feature the ability to input video as well as output it.[7] Again, there is no standardisation between manufacturers as to which pin does what (also given that there 2 known variants of the connector in use).[8] As can be seen from the diagram above, although the S-Video signals are available on the corresponding pins, neither variant of the connector will accept an unmodified 4-pin S-Video plug, though they can be made to fit by removing the key from the plug. In this latter case, it becomes all too easy to misalign the plug when inserting it with consequent damage to the small pins.


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